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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Are Sientra Breast Implants Better?

Just recently, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new brand of silicone breast implant; the device, which is made by California-based Sientra, can be used in breast reconstruction following cancer surgery, and cosmetic breast augmentation.
Dr. Tarick Smaili, one of the leading Los Angeles plastic surgeons, believes the FDA’s approval clearly shows the “reasonable safety of silicone breast implants, despite potential risks such as implant failure and hardening of the tissue or capsular contracture.”
“Any type of breast implant does not guaranty to last a lifetime, although modern designs can accommodate greater force and are quite resistant to the elements that are causing natural wear and tear,” Smaili said.
The plastic surgeon added that implant from Sientra is just like other brands already sold in the US market, thereby patients who will choose the new silicone implant are “technically choosing a technology that has been tried and tested for many years.”
“In fact, silicone breast implants have been subjected to the most rigorous, comprehensive clinical trials and surveys that would allow patients to make a good decision and understand the potential risks and limits of the devices,” he said.
Meanwhile, the plastic surgeon believes that Sientra breast implant is neither inferior nor superior to other brands manufactured by Mentor and Allergan, which used to be the only two companies allowed by the FDA to sell silicone and saline breast implants.
In 1992, silicone breast implants were banned in the US over concerns that they may increase the risk of cancer and many forms of systemic disease.  But in 2006, the FDA has lifted the moratorium based on facts that no study has proven the link between the devices and serious illnesses.
After the lifting of the 14-year ban, silicone breast implants are increasingly becoming more popular than saline implants because they provide a natural feel and look.  In addition, many doctors believe they are less likely to fail because the cohesive gel filling prevents wrinkling, a problem that can eventually lead to shell failure.
By contrast, saline implants—which are filled with a sterile mixture of salt and water—are relatively prone to “folds” that may rub each other, thereby increasing the risk of implant failure.
Over the past few years, breast augmentation via silicone and saline implants has been the most popular cosmetic surgery in the US.  In fact, about 307,180 procedures were conducted in 2011 alone. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poll Shows Breast Surgery Improves Sex Life

Women who have received breast enhancement surgeries such as augmentation and mastopexy (or breastlift) have reported better sex life and higher satisfaction after the procedures, according to a survey conducted by, a popular online forum that tackles plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments.

On average, respondents claimed that breast enhancement surgery have increased their sex life satisfaction by 34 percent, while 61 percent said they had sex more frequently after the procedure.

By contrast, only 7 percent of the respondents said they had fewer sexual encounters after their breast augmentation or breast lift surgery.

On a scale of one to ten, one being the lowest satisfaction rate, patients experienced more than a two-point increase in their overall sex life satisfaction following their breast enhancement surgery.

Before the procedure, the average sex life satisfaction score was 6.07 and then jumped to 8.13 after the surgery.

While about 70 percent of respondents said that their overall sex life has improved, 28 percent said that breast surgery did not change anything.

Currently, the average cost of breast augmentation and breast lift in the US is $6,000 and $10,000, respectively.  But despite the procedures’ relatively high price, a number of patients seeking them has increased over the past couple of years.

In the US alone, about 296,000 patients had breast implant surgery in 2010.  Meanwhile, it has been estimated that 5 to 10 million people worldwide have augmentation surgery for cosmetic reasons, although a significant number of them also had the procedure to reconstruct their breasts after mastectomy or to transition from male to female gender.

On the other hand, approximately 90,000 breast lift surgeries were performed in the US in 2010 alone.

Dr. Tarick Smaili, one of the leading Los Angeles plastic surgeons, said he is expecting breast enhancements, particularly augmentation surgery, to further increase their popularity in the coming years.

“I think that the changing perception with cosmetic plastic surgery is the main reason why breast enhancements are enjoying their popularity.  Considered to be a taboo in the previous years, people are now more open to the idea that we have the freedom and the right tool to modify and improve our physical appearance,” Smaili said.

However, the cosmetic surgeon warned that not all people who want to have some “physical improvements” are good candidates for cosmetic surgeries.

“Of course there are many things to consider.  Does she have realistic goals and expectations?  Is she physically and psychologically healthy?  These are just some of the factors plastic surgeons would have to consider before taking any surgical step, particularly if it involves elective and cosmetic procedures,” Smaili added. 

Radio Station Gives Two Breast Augmentation Vouchers

A radio station in Chicago has recently given two breast augmentation vouchers each worth $7,000 for the winners of its contest “Breast Year Ever.”

Classic rock radio station WLUP “The Loop” held a contest requiring listeners to submit written reasons why they want to undergo breast augmentation surgery, and a photograph of their natural breasts.

One of the winners, Carrie, has shared her stories of why she desires to undergo the cosmetic plastic surgery.  Three years ago, the bank teller gave her husband her kidney, and as a way to thank her wife, the husband said he wants to “give her breast augmentation in return.”

The second winner, Alishia, is a cancer survivor who at a young age received radiation therapy to save her life; however, the treatment inhibited her to have normal breast development.

According to the radio station’s website, Alishia became a nurse as her way to heal others who are dealing with the same medical issues she had experienced during her struggle with cancer.

This is not the first time a radio station offers breast surgery vouchers to listeners.  Just recently, Calgary station Amp Radio also raffled off breast augmentation which was won by a transgender woman.

Also, a casino in Atlantic city offered jackpots in the form of cosmetic procedures including liposuction, cheek implants, and Botox injection.  The contest dubbed as the “Tuck and Lift Sweepstakes” raffled off $25,000 worth of plastic surgery and non-invasive procedures.

Meanwhile, some board-certified plastic surgeons are not happy with the growing trend of using cosmetic surgery vouchers as a prize for contest as it may mislead people to believe the procedure does not involve serious ramifications.

Dr. Tarick Smaili, one of the leading Los Angeles plastics urgeons, said that plastic surgery is a “serious decision to make and involves lengthy consultation between a doctor and his patient.”

“I always require lengthy consultation and physical examination before I proceed with a certain procedure to determine a patient’s qualification not just in terms of physical health but also emotional and psychological health.  Of course, I also consider my patient’s expectations and goals—whether these are achievable or not,” Smaili said.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Does Plastic Surgery Impede Dolly Parton’s Acting?

Movie critics are not happy with Dolly Parton’s acting in her newest film, Joyful Noise, in which she and Queen Latifah play rival gospel singers in a small town.  Most of them cited the actress-singer’s noticeable plastic surgery, which they blamed as the main culprit for her “lack of expression.”

While the movie has made Dolly’s plastic surgery a butt of joke, with some of the characters’ tacky reference to her “overdone” appearance, not everyone is laughing.  Many people—especially movie critics—believe the actress deserves better than the slapstick, loud film that undermines her talents.

Going back to her acting, some movie bloggers said it was “painful” seeing the actress with overdone plastic surgery especially on the big screen.  This is more of a problem with the emergence of high definition technology that can emphasize any facial flaws.

In fact, one writer at the Chicago Tribune has described Dolly’s plastic surgery “as if she did her last work in a drive-through.”  But despite the harsh comment, he noted the actress’ vocal prowess and her charm.

To digress from the movie and Dolly’s impeded acting skills, facelift surgery is not just about removing the facial aging—e.g., wrinkles and sagging—but more importantly is maintaining the normal appearance and fundamental shape of the face.  This is the rule of thumb followed by board-certified cosmetic surgeons.

“The goal of facial plastic surgery is to create a natural appearance and not a windblown face and squinty eyes,” said Dr. Tarick Smaili, one of the leading Los Angeles plastic surgeons.

To create a natural appearance,Dr. Smaili said the most important thing is to remove the right amount of skin.  By contrast, he said that excising too much facial tissue can result to the “dreaded windswept look and squinty eyes.”

Another technique is to go deeper into the facial tissues, the cosmetic surgeon added, so the result of facelift surgery can last 10 to 15 years without the need for revision procedures.

However, Dr. Smaili warned that facelift does not stop the aging of the face and so the need for “minor tweaks” after 10 years will be needed in order to maintain the youthful appearance.  Revisions may include “isolated facelift,” Botox injection, eyelid lift, and even nose job (particularly for aging patients whose nasal tip becomes too drooping and elongated).

Citing Dolly’s appearance,Dr. Smaili said the actress probably had “too invasive” secondary facial rejuvenation procedures that resulted to her lack of expression.