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Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebrity Body-Builder to Downsize Her Breast Implants

In a recent interview, celebrity body-builder Jodie Marsh said she wants to downside her breast implants with a revision plastic surgery that is going to be performed this year.  Her decision to get another “boob job” came after dropping to a size 6 over the past couple of months.

The British tv personality, who has appeared topless on numerous tabloid newspapers, was quoted saying that her large implants seem out of proportion with her smaller body-frame.  In fact, she even admitted to “lifting her breasts” during body-building competitions because they hide the “first couple of rows of her abs.”

Meanwhile, Dr. TarickSmaili, a cosmetic surgeon who did not treat Marsh, said that he is seeing more patients wanting to downside their breasts in order to achieve a more natural look.

“In general, very large breast implants lead to the heavy top look which often looks unnatural, especially if you have a small frame and limited chest width.  Surprisingly, this was a trend during the previous years although I am now seeing that many patients are opting to replace their implants with smaller ones to look natural,” Smaili said.

Another concern with extremely large breast implants, Smaili said, is that the patients are at higher risk of rippling, which is more of a problem if they have a limited amount of breast tissue and fats to cover the implant shell.

Citing the body-builder’s recent photo, Smaili said that her upper and medial cleavage has some visible rippling, which the doctor explained is caused by implants that are too large for her body.

Marsh is not the only celebrity who is shifting to the natural look.  In fact, Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson have been reported to undergo a revision breast augmentation to downsize their implants.

Another good example is Kate Hudson who has been reported to have plastic surgery in 2010 to receive small breast implants that no one would even be able to tell she have them if not for her previous videos and photos.

Going back to Marsh, she previously said that she was concerned if she had the controversial PIP breast implants which have been pulled out in the UK market and other countries after findings suggest the devices have a very high failure rate.

However, she did not mention if her decision to replace her breast implants with smaller ones has also something to do with the controversial PIP devices.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

JWoww of Jersey Shore Denies Having Plastic Surgery

Despite the growing number of plastic surgery patients in the US, many of them are still denying the procedure and claim that their beauty is on their genes—and not because of the skillful hands of their cosmetic surgeons. 

Jersey Shore’s JWoww, whose real name is Jennie Farley, has been rumored to have undergone “facial plastic surgery.”  However, the reality TV star is adamant that she is “all natural from the neck up and even said during an interview with Wendy Williams Show that she is willing to submit herself to facial recognition test.

While JWoww has previously admitted that she have had breast augmentation surgery, she denied rumors of her having cheek and chin implant surgery, collagen injection to augment her lips, and “nose job.”

JWoww said that losing 15 lbs. probably changed the way her face looks, and also the projection of her nose.  

Over the past couple of months, there have been rumors of JWoww’s alleged facial plastic surgery because of her seemingly tighter skin and plumper lips, which some showbiz writers claim to be the works of collagen injection or implants.

The rumors of her alleged plastic surgery started after the August 4 season premiere of Jersey Shore as fans noticed that her chin and nose look thinner while her cheeks are somewhat more prominent.

While the brunette beauty claims that she did not have any plastic surgery on her face, she was quoted saying that she is open to the idea of having “touch-ups” such as Botox injection in case that aging starts to manifest on her face. 

“May be I’ll get Botox by the time I’m 30”, she said during her TV appearance.

Meanwhile, JWoww is also open to the idea that she will have her breast augmentation redone after several years as saline and silicone breast implants, although they are now made of a thicker shell, are not designed to last a lifetime.  However, her main concern is that pregnancy might affect the appearance of her surgery.

“I’ll have my breast implants redone in a few years after I’ve had kids”, the reality TV star said.

Regardless if JWoww went under the surgical knife again or not (and the improvements were just caused by weight loss and great make-up skills), most TV commentators and showbiz bloggers think that she looks better nowadays compared than during the season one of Jersey Shore.