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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did Cameron Diaz Undergo Breast Implant Surgery?

Hollywood sweetheart Cameron Diaz has recently been the center of rumors.  According to some showbiz news reports, the actress may have received breast augmentation surgery after a recent photo shows her seemingly larger bust size while wearing a tiny bikini.

The 39-year-old actress was spotted on the Hawaiian beach during the holiday with a more toned and shapelier body.  Some experts have said that she may have increased her bust size by a cup.

While Diaz’s body appears to be shapelier than the previous years, some people are really not convinced if she had the procedure as the increase in her bust size was not as significant as compared to other celebrities who have gone under the surgical knife.  In fact, some bloggers even said that a slight weight gain may be the primary reason for the actress’ improved figure.

During previous interviews, Diaz was quoted saying that she would love to have a curvier figure, something she said she was not “naturally gifted.”

Meanwhile, the actress was not a first-timer in plastic surgery.  In 2006, she had rhinoplasty or nose surgery after sustaining injuries; however, the Hollywood star said she would rule out cosmetic surgery.

Whether Diaz has gone under the knife or just gained some weight that resulted to a shapelier figure, it is really hard to tell since the increase in her bust size was not dramatic.  And because the actress has brushed off rumors of her alleged breast augmentation surgery, the only thing people can do is speculate.

But assuming that Diaz had breast implant surgery, her decision to choose smaller implants is commendable as it resulted to a very natural appearance rather than looking “heavy” on top. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Tarick Smaili said that he is seeing more and more women opting for the natural look.

“I see that the growing trend is having smaller implants so the results will be natural that it would be hard or even impossible to tell if a woman has undergone plastic surgery or not.  In fact, we’ve seen Hollywood celebrities such as Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson downsizing their bust size with another augmentation surgery,” the leading cosmetic surgeon said.

During the previous years, the actress has been accused of yoyo dieting that left her with a very thin frame and flat chest.  But after she gained some weight, she now looks healthier and shapelier than the previous years.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Best and Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery 2011

The year 2011 has ended great or worse for some celebrities who have always been the most ardent patrons of cosmetic plastic surgery.  While some have managed to improve their looks, others have fallen into their obsession and ended up with a not-so-flattering appearance.

This is a list of best and worst celebrity cosmetic surgery of 2011:

·         Lil’ Kim

She used to look naturally beautiful, but with bad plastic surgery, she ended up having too prominent cheeks and a too pointy nose that almost resembles that of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Another notable change is her bust size.  However, it seems that the 4’11” singer has gone overboard with her outrageously large breastimplants.  It could have been better if she chose smaller ones to fit her petite frame.

·         Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a perfect example of a good breast augmentation surgery.  She only asked for small breast implants to better fit her petite frame, giving her a nice B cup from a “double A.”  Because of the natural look she has achieved, not everyone is even convinced that she had plastic surgery, with some even saying that she might have started using “good” push-up bras.

While Kate has not yet confirmed if she went under the knife, her previous photos show the “subtle” improvements.

·         Ashlee Simpson

Her previous nose was too large.  But with a good rhinoplasty surgeon, she now has a smaller, delicate-looking nose that complements her face.  However, the singer is still denying having plastic surgery.

·         Joan Rivers

Over the past several years, television personality Joan Rivers has always been included in the list of worst plastic surgery.  But despite the notoriety of her obsession, she still continues to make some “tweaks” here and there that it is hard to tell how many cosmetic surgeries she had and is planning to have.

·         Jane Fonda

Joan Rivers should learn from Jane Fonda who had facelift, eyelid lift, and necklift.  The actress looks younger and refreshed nowadays, without looking like a wind just blew her face—a manifestation of bad facial plastic surgery.

·         Donatella Versace

The Italian fashion designer may be talented in making fashionable clothes but is probably clueless when it comes to “ideal beauty.”  With her swollen, stretched out lips and her unflattering tan, or sometimes orange complexion, she definitely looks “unglamorous.”

·         Megan Fox

While the sultry actress has repeatedly denied having plastic surgery, it is really hard to refute that her looks are solely from good genes.  Some doctors claim that she had nose job and eyelid surgery to make herself one of the most gorgeous celebrities in Hollywood.  But even if the cosmetic procedures are just plain rumors or real—and her appearance is just created by talented makeup artists and good photoshop skills—she looks stunningly beautiful.

·         Heidi Montag

The reality tv star admitted to have had 10 plastic surgeries in one day.  In 2010, she had buttock augmentation, breast implant surgery, brow lift, Botox injection on her forehead, liposuction on her midsection, neck liposuction, fat injection on her face, chin reduction, ear pinning, and nose job.

But just after several months of her extreme makeover, she said during an interview that she regretted her surgeries.

·         Jennifer Aniston

The actress has previously admitted to have had nose surgeries, although she claimed that these were done to correct her deviated septum, which is the strip of tissue separating the two nostrils.  But whether she had the procedures for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, she looks more gorgeous these days.

·         Nadya Suleman

The “Octomom” had tummytuck surgery after giving birth to octuplets.  However, her plastic surgeon had probably gone overboard as her abdomen now appears too flat that it has no definition or contour.  Plus, her navel looks like it was created by making a vertical slit, making it hard to deny that she had the procedure.

·         Lisa Rinna

The television host and actress had definitely joined the bandwagon of celebrities with a larger-than-life lip.  While this is a growing trend among famous people, any self-respecting plastic surgeon would definitely not agree with the swollen, stretched out lips.

Also, Lisa’s multiple facial plastic surgeries left her with an unnaturally smooth, windswept appearance.  Meanwhile, she was quoted saying in 2009 that she regretted going overboard with cosmetic procedures.

·         Jocelyn Wildenstein

The wealthy socialite, dubbed as the “Lion Queen” and the “Cat Lady,” has been reported to spend a whopping $4 million just to look like a feline.  For several years, she has managed to make it to the list of worst plastic surgery.

·         Ellen DeGeneres

While Ellen has not yet confirmed if she had plasticsurgery, it is hard to deny that she looks younger and refreshed nowadays.  Some cosmetic surgeons assume that she may have had facelift, eyelid lift, laser skin resurfacing, Botox, and/or neck lift. 

Ellen is a perfect example of “natural look” after facial plastic surgery.